[M/s 365] Describing Our Relationship – Part 1

Our Master/slave Journey


“So describe your relationship. What makes your relationship unique?”

I remember being asked that question a few years ago. I’d love to tell you that I had a wonderful answer, which encompassed the beauty and passion of our lives together, but truth be told, I mumbled and stumbled my way to an answer. It wasn’t pretty and I knew it. Slave angie was in the same boat with her answer. Some titleholders we were going to be… can’t even really break down our M/s relationships. Well, we spent the next four years getting to that answer, and discovering a lot along the way. One of the greatest gifts and joys in this adventure has been the growth in our relationship, amazing growth that I am grateful for.

The question, though, to describe one’s relationship … that’s quite a broad question – where do we begin?

Lady Elsa, part of the International…

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